• Healthy lawns, perennials, shrubs, and trees, all being part of the landscape, requires dependable hydration. Without water, life cannot be sustained. Likewise, plants do not need an abundance of water, just a regular and consistent supply. The founder of Davis Landscape Company realized this at the very inception of the company, almost 40 years ago. At that time, irrigation was a word that was nearly unheard of. People in this region didn't know what it was and certainly could not conceive the idea of having a "watering" system for their home. Nonetheless, Davis wanted to add it to its line-up of services and over the years, has developed a department dedicated to irrigation. With the vast knowledge and unparalleled employee work ethic, Davis will design and install an irrigation system that will allow your landscape to thrive. As a full-scope landscape contracting firm, we also provide seasonal service, from start-ups and shut-downs, to wire tracking and entire system troubleshooting. We are constantly looking for new ways to conserve water, and make your outdoors a little easier to manage. We use quality products from top-rated brands such as Toro, Hunter, and Rainbird to design a system that will have your landscape performing at its best. Our trained and knowledgeable staff are constantly enhancing their skills by keeping up with cutting edge technology, including best management practices leading to water conservation, automation and the ability to remotely control your system. 

  • Irrigation Services Offered

  • Spring Start Up

    Spring start ups include checking each part of your irrigation system to make sure it is running at its peak performance. We check to make sure you are applying water where you want it, and after discussing your usage, schedule your controller properly. Spring start ups include an estimate to fix any winter damage and suggestions to improve efficiency.

  • Winter Shut Downs

    Winterizations include removing the water from the irrigation lines using a high volume air compressor. This blow out process ensures that no matter what the winter brings, your irrigation system will wake up easier in the spring.

  • Water Use Audits

    We want to make sure you are using every drop of water where you need it on your landscape. We collect data from different sources; water meters, rain gauges, and observation, to make sure your irrigation is being evenly applied, and utilized by your landscape.  We suggest changes and upgrades based on our decades of experience.

  • Troubleshooting

    Sometimes things go wrong, whether some recent construction nicked a wire, or a lightning strike took a solenoid out. We can quickly troubleshoot, diagnose and fix the problem, often on the same day. Our trucks come well-stocked with the necessary parts so we can get your system functioning again.  We are also experienced in exploring and fixing irrigation systems that others have installed.  

  • Wire Tracking

    Our wire tracker can precisely find wires underground.  If you need to find a wire before construction starts, or find where the excavator broke it off underground, we can be there to find it.  We can track other non-powered wires, like pumps, outside lighting, propane trace wires, etc.  Call us today.

  • Irrigation Design

    Whether you need a quick five minute sketch of your system, or an in depth, GPS located, CAD plan drawn up, we can do it all.  We design our systems based on real world calculations, keeping in mind efficiency of both costs and resources.  We can also make sure your new irrigation system comes with a detailed map if requested.  

  • Booster Pumps

    Booster Pumps greatly widen the flow characteristics and therefore increase design parameters of new or existing irrigation systems.

  • Summer Check Ups

    Between spring start up and fall shut down, we suggest mid summer maintenance.  While the spring start up finds most major issues, sometime looking at your lawn with a professional during the heat of the summer can help find minor, but no less important problems. We can usually diagnose and fix problems on the spot.