• We all here at Davis Landscape Company, have a passion for plants and nature. A beautiful and long lasting landscape starts with the proper choice of hardy trees, shrubs, and perennials. Attractive and well designed plantings can enhance a home, create privacy, provide shade, stimulate the senses, and attract wildlife. Additionally, the use of specific plants can aid in preventing erosion, help in naturalizing your immediate environment around you, aid in habitat restoration, best practice stormwater management, and provide an excellent method to noise reduction. As one of Maine's premier landscape contractors, we install a wide variety of plant materials including: trees, foundation plantings, perennial borders as well as formal and themed gardens.

    With decades of combined experience and passion spanning over two generations, the Davis Team specializes in bringing together the ultimate combination of plants to provide sequential flowering and season changing colors while keeping maintenance to a minimum.

    When beginning your relationship with Davis Landscape, you will be able to share your views and concepts, whatever they may be. We will want to know what your thoughts are, what you are fond of and what you are not so fond of. What colors spark your palette and what items or textures tend to make you turn your head away. These may seem like small issues but are vitally important details.  When the project is completed, we will provide written care instructions for you to follow and will always be there to answer any questions.  

    One thing is absolutely certain and that is the fact that you will see the passion of the "Green Industry" and the love of Nature's Beauty shine from the moment your experience begins with Davis.