About Us

Davis Landscape Company, Inc. was started in 1976. As a young boy, Conrad Davis, II had a vision. Right after he graduated from the University of Maine, all he had was an old pickup, and a bed full of hand tools.

Conrad, along with his friend Scott Thomas, worked tirelessly with Scott bicycling (not motorcycling) to work everyday. The first few years involved basic landscaping and lawn maintenance, along with a vegetable stand where Conrad would sell native vegetables.

While much has changed including a second generation running the company, not much has changed about our work ethic, and striving to provide the best customer service possible.

We have now expanded to multiple departments, each specializing in their own field and expertise. All of our employees work as a team to make sure our clients have an enjoyable experience, from the inception of the project with our Landscape Designer, to the ground breaking of your project. Starting with site work being followed by stonework and laying of pipes with our irrigation team, or completion of your project with our landscape planting team and maintenance teams, the work ethic and client satisfaction that were driving forces back in 1976, still prevail to this day.

We sincerely thank all of our clients over the past four decades as we continue to provide the highest level of landscape services around - where the Landscapes will thrive, and the clients will continue to enjoy their experience and the passion that Davis Landscape has become known for.

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2020 update

Due to the covid-19 pandemic and keeping with federal and state suggestions, we have opted NOT to place the staff in a group setting for the annual photo shoot. This is the FIRST time in the history of the company. We do, however, want to list and acknowledge each and every one of our staff members:

Brian Arsenault, Christian Booker, Gary Booker, Conrad Davis II, Christopher Davis, Leo Demers, Brandon DeRose, Kevin Desjardins, Julian Dixon, Zach French, Chris Gosster, Shawn Hathorne, Allyn Huntington, Monique Labbay, Janice Langlais, Mitch Lavalley, David Litchfield, Christopher Lobdell, Christopher Mason, Margaret Montoya, Brett Mower, , Sarah Jane Pitcher, Brian Pulk, Robert Tanguay, Adam Temple, Joshua Thomas, Scott Thomas, CJ Williams, and missing but never forgotten, Nicole M. Davis-Marquis.