Water Features

The element of water in the landscape creates a unique and one-of-a-kind sensory experience.  Whether it is a bubbler, single stream fountain, garden pond, or a large water pond, the addition of water to the landscape is truly the pièce de résistance. It is astounding how quickly nature will find its own special presence when water is added to your landscape. From frogs, to birds to turtles, wildlife will appear that you never noticed before. The peaceful and tranquil sounds that emanate from the water, whether it is a trickling brook to a far-reaching fountain, sets such a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

We create water features ranging from pondless waterfalls and formal fountains to authentic streams and ponds, which are both natural in appearance and function, for a cost that is surprisingly affordable.  Like our properly designed irrigation systems, they are designed for easy maintenance and seasonal operation.

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