As with anything, there is always a degree of maintenance necessary. Your landscape is a major investment like your car, or your home itself. These are investments which require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and maintain their beauty. Beautiful landscapes require long-term vision and proper management. Being a full-scope landscape contractor, Davis Landscape Co. can offer you tailored maintenance plans that will meet your property's ongoing needs. From fine gardening, pruning, and lawn care, to spring and fall cleanups, your landscape will be maintained to ensure aesthetically pleasing and healthy plantings. Perhaps you are a nature enthusiast and love gardening and the "Do It Yourself" approach. We applaud you. We would be happy to provide you with a detailed scope of suggested and needed maintenance for your information. Of course, we will always be here to offer an assist for those difficult tasks or when you just haven't the time to complete it yourself.

Do keep in mind that by entrusting Davis to perform your Maintenance needs, a team shows up on time and on schedule, with all the proper equipment. The work will be completed with the strongest work ethic and highest degree of efficiency. Staff members are courteous, friendly, and enjoyable to have around. You can experience a feeling of trust and safety with our staff, as if they were your private gardeners for a time. After all, they actually are.

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