Site Work

Site work is a broad term that refers to all earth preparation prior to the installation of the actual landscape; it is one of the most important aspects of the finished project. The “finished landscape", visible on the surface, fits on top of the site work, like frosting on a cake.

Proper site work is critical to the longevity of the project. Site work takes into consideration such important functions such as drainage, grades, elevations, utility placement, to name a few. Proper drainage is critical to the long-term health of any landscape. Whether grading for a new lawn or fixing low-lying wet areas, we have the ability and expertise to solve drainage issues. For new lawns, we can build them using the old fashioned method of seeding, state of the art hydro-seeding or instant and fully grown sod.

We also construct driveways, fix troubled erosion areas and any other excavation needs along the way. Many situations that unfold when working with the ground, simply cannot be seen or accounted for until the ground is "broken." That is where experience truly proves to be the best teacher. Here at Davis, we have decades of experience among our qualified staff who, at one time or another, have encountered the "unseen."

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