The term "hardscape" is a relatively new one. Although it can be deemed as a twist on landscaping or a "nouveau" way to express a landscape concept, we simply regard the term as "all non-green landscape." We design and install hardscapes with both aesthetics and function in mind. With a seemingly endless array of products, textures, colors, and patterns, the possibilities and styles are endless as well. A well placed patio, walkway, or stone wall can connect the architecture of a home with the surrounding landscape. It is very easy to turn the area outside of your home, which is presently unused and otherwise insignificant, into a beautiful useable everyday addition to your home. Our hardscape installers are experienced craftsmen with decades of experience. They are true artists. Every job is specific in detail to the individual client and the property. When the project is completed, we will provide written care instructions for you to follow and will always be there to answer any questions.

Materials such as native stone, granite, bluestone, and clay or concrete pavers to name a few, can provide the ultimate beauty and contrast to your overall landscape. Additionally, with a careful eye for detail and design, the use of varying textures within the overall landscape can provide a greater sense of depth and beauty.

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