Irrigation Frequently Asked Questions

Irrigation is such a wonderful addition to anyone's landscape. We want to provide you advice on how to choose the right contractor that can listen to your requests and suggest solutions or recommendations that will be customized to your specific needs.
1. How long has the contractor been doing business in the irrigation field?

Experience has always proven to be the best teacher. Davis has over 3 decades of field experience. Some landscape companies offer irrigation as a side line or "filler" service. We have a department that is fully integrated within our Company. We have a dedicated staff that works with irrigation each and every day-- not as a sideline but as a full fledged career. We have the right tools and equipment to do the job right the first time, every time.

2. Will the irrigation contractor be able to service my system after installation?

Yes! We provide a full list of irrigation services. We know what we install, but we also can service any pre-existing system installed by others. Whether you want to be there side-by-side with us, learning and doing it with us or you want a "set it and forget it" system, we tailor our service schedule to you and your system's needs.

3. I am on a well with low water flow so it is possible to have an irrigation system?

Yes you can. We have multiple clients that have low-flow wells. It does require some extra planning, but it is possible to combine a low-flow well with specific application methods to provide the water your landscape needs when it needs it. As a side benefit, we can probably boost your domestic water pressure as well.

4. I am concerned about the environment, and I don't want to waste water.

Water is a precious commodity to all of us. We provide many water saving features while providing a healthy landscape. It can be as simple as re-programming your existing controller or as complex as providing services like rainwater collection to reuse as irrigation water. It can also be as simple as making sure your rain sensing device is operating correctly. We also have higher tech devices, like Evapotranspiration (E.T.) controllers, or rain measuring devices. Feel free to ask us about some of the most state of the art technology available.