Planting FAQ

1. Is a lawn an actual plant?

Yes, in fact a lawn is made of millions of plants. Every grass plant is an individual plant. It is millions of these plants that form a carpet of grass, commonly referred to as a lawn.

2. Do trees and shrubs need water?

Every single tree, shrub, perennial, flower, and lawn needs water. This is undoubtedly, THE most neglected item in the entire landscape. All plants are living organisms, and just like the human body, they need a steady source of water in order to survive. All plants need a source of water perpetually, again just like we do. We at Davis are strong advocates for environmentally-friendly and low maintenance irrigation systems.

3. What kind of maintenance is needed?

Whether we are installing a fully grown specimen tree, a few flowering perennial, or a full lawn, we will provide you with a written set of instructions that you can follow. Maintenance is typically rather minimal, however it is absolutely essential immediately following the installation. Davis offers maintenance programs which are very affordable and provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your entire landscape is getting the exact attention that it deserves.