5 Tips For Maine Landscaping Success

Landscaping in Maine can feel intimidating with its short summers and long, cold winters. Even homeowners with the greenest thumbs need to take extra precautions when landscaping their homes as the weather here can be unforgiving. If you’re looking for some Maine landscaping tips for a lush landscape and bountiful garden – even if only for a few months out of the year – then this article is for you! Here are five great tips to ensure your landscaping success.

Know Your Plant Zones

Plant hardiness zones are defined by their average annual minimum temperature. Maine is divided into six of these zones, so it’s essential to understand which zone your home is in. To ensure that the plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs that you’ve chosen for your landscaping will thrive, make sure that they’re appropriate for the zone you’ll be planting them in.

Incorporate Native Plant Species Into Your Landscaping

Native plants and trees can be easier to maintain because they’re already accustomed to the specific area and climate. They also help to support Maine’s biodiversity by providing a natural food source and habitat for the birds, bees, insects, and other animals in the area. By incorporating these native species in your landscaping, you attract the coveted pollinators that will help fertilize all of the different plant species in your garden.

Plant Shrubs and Trees Close Together

When you’re landscaping, it’s important to remember that Maine has cold winters. When you plant shrubs and trees close together, they provide warmth for each other in the wintertime, which helps protect them from freezing temperatures in addition to covering them.

Lay Down Mulch

Using mulch is a great way to maintain your Maine landscaping. It helps prevents weeds from growing and blocking the sunlight that your plants need for optimal growth. It also helps retain moisture which minimizes water usage.

Hire a Local Landscaping Team

Because of Maine’s particular plant zones and unique weather, hiring a local landscaping team can help guarantee your landscaping success. Local companies understand the area and have years of experience creating beautiful landscapes in your region.

If you’re in need of a full-service landscaping team, Davis Landscape is here to help. We’ve been beautifying Maine since 1976 and have created some of the most dynamic landscapes in the state.

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