deck and patio builder in maine

Deck and Patio builder in Maine

Are you looking for a deck and patio builder in Maine? If so, what should you look for? Building your dream deck or patio can be a valuable addition to your property. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, a deck or patio can improve its value, aesthetics, and comfort. 

Let’s first look at the basics of deck and patio building and then at what to look for in a builder.

deck and patio builder in maine

Decks vs. Patios

What are the differences between decks and patios? The concepts are similar but there are differences. Let’s examine how Nationwide Insurance defines each structure:

Deck: “A deck is an open outdoor porch or platform extending from a house. It’s usually attached to the home and can be built low to the ground or sit above the ground with attached stairs for accessibility.” Decks can be made of wood, metal, or a composite of recycled materials.

Patio: “A patio is a paved area that can be either attached to or detached from a house. Patios require a relatively flat surface, which is a factor in choosing them versus a deck.” Patios can be made of concrete, gravel, cut stone, or brick.

Building Basics

Size: You should know what size deck or patio you want and whether a level or elevated deck is best for your needs. Most decks are elevated, which means you’ll need to consider the deck’s weight limit. Selecting the proper size is also important to ensure your deck or patio doesn’t take up your entire landscape. One way to create additional space in a deck is by using built-in seating. While your budget may limit your deck or patio size, there are ways to work around it

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Material: You want to pick the best material for your environment. For example, extreme heat and cold can affect how often you perform maintenance. It can also affect how long your deck or patio lasts. Also, check to see what warranty is provided for your deck or patio, what the warranty covers (such as material and labor), what the warranty doesn’t cover, and the warranty’s length.

Color: You may have a color scheme in mind, but is it available in the materials you will use for your deck or patio?

Maintenance: What type of maintenance is required to keep your deck or patio safe and looking brand new? For example, a wooden deck typically requires staining and sealing every two years and a power wash every year. A patio, on the other hand, typically requires a traditional hose wash. You should also inspect for cracks, as a major crack could lead to you needing a new patio.

Landscape: How will a deck or patio affect your existing landscape? As mentioned, you probably don’t want a deck or patio that takes up most or all of your landscape. However, there are many ways to incorporate landscaping features to complement your deck or patio while creating the illusion of more space. For example, lighting (man-made or natural) can make it appear there is more space as it reflects off surfaces. Lighting can remove shadows, which also creates the illusion of more space. 

Shade: Do you want something to provide shade for your deck or patio? Here, there are many options ranging from canopies to the currently popular pergola.

Codes and Safety Regulations: Are there any restrictions on what types of decks or patios you can build, such as location, size, or safety equipment? These can be anything from local zoning codes to homeowner association regulations. A legitimate landscaping firm will be well-versed in local zoning. 

Cost: What is the cost for your deck or patio and what is included with your building project? When hiring a professional, make sure they break down the costs, including both materials and labor/installation.

Finally, you may want to include something such as a gas grill, fire pit or even a hot tub, but you’ll want to ensure it fits in with your overall plans. Consider whether an added attraction fits not only your deck or patio size but your budget. There may be safety considerations as well. When in doubt, contact a professional!

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Finding a Deck and Patio in Builder in Maine: What to Look For

Like many landscaping projects, people may prefer to go the DIY route. Others may not due to inexperience or a lack of time. Any plans at finding a deck and patio builder in Maine should include the following factors:

Experience: What is the builder’s experience? Do they focus on residential or commercial work? Do they focus on decks or patios? How long have they been operating?

References: References are essential for any project. A deck or patio is a major addition to your home and you’ll want to have references from people you can talk with. Like many things, word of mouth is a good starting point.

Portfolio: You’ll also want to see what a deck and patio builder’s work looks like. Do they have a portfolio of their work? If so, can you check out where the work has been done?

Cost Estimate: Estimates are not carved in stone (no pun intended) but you should have a clear idea of what materials and labor costs and under what conditions there might be overruns.

Timeline Estimate: You’ll want a clear estimate of construction time including potential weather delays that may pop up.

Access to Proper Equipment: Materials and the proper installers aren’t the only factor to consider. Does the installer have the proper equipment for performing the job?

What is Included with Project: Installing a deck or patio means a lot of dust and material. What will the installer do to ensure the material is safe while you’re waiting completion? Also, who is responsible for the clean-up?

Familiarity with Codes and Safety Regulations: How familiar is your installer with codes and regulations? Are they a member of any trade union and/or business association?

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Davis Landscape Can Help You With Deck and Patio Building

Davis Landscape can provide all your landscaping needs, including deck and patio building. We can help you with everything including design, construction, and maintenance. We are ready to provide you with our staff’s qualifications, references, and a portfolio of our work.

Ready to get started? Contact Davis Landscape today! Based out of Lisbon Maine, Davis Landscape is a second generation landscaping company that’s been proudly beautifying the state of Maine since 1976. Learn more about Davis Landscape.