hardscaping landscaping ideas maine

The Best Hardscaping Ideas to Revamp Your Yard

Hardscaping is an integral part of every landscape design that can provide aesthetic and functional benefits. Let’s take a quick look at what hardscaping is, followed by its benefits.

After that, we’ll look at ways to incorporate hardscaping into your outdoor space.

hardscaping landscaping ideas maine

Landscaping primarily involves two elements — softscaping and hardscaping.

Softscaping refers to living things such as vegetation that are found in a landscape. Hardscaping involves inanimate structures such as fountains, pools, fire pits, or walls (don’t forget to check out our Hardscape gallery!).

If you’re looking to add form and functionality, hardscaping is a useful tool to reach a balance. As we just mentioned, there are many types of hardscaping including walls, gazebos, fire pits, decking and patios, walkways, and even something as straight forward as outdoor lighting. Tasteful hardscaping can provide utility without disrupting the natural beauty of the outdoors.

The benefits of hardscaping include reducing erosion, increasing privacy, expanding living space, reducing maintenance, decreasing water usage, and even increasing your property value.

Like softscaping, hardscaping can take many forms. Here are some ideas to inspire you and help you decide what’s best for your property.

1. Contemporary Home

Contemporary hardscaping is ideal with a scenic yard and can be complemented by appealing stonework. For example, the installation of a natural boulder staircase, or a custom-made granite slab walkway, or a boulder retaining wall can add a modern look and feel to delight your guests, and truly give your home a “wow” factor (as we did with this contemporary ocean-front home).  

This look is complemented by contemporary mass plantings that provide a balance of natural beauty and functionality.

Softscaping and hardscaping is best used when it complements each other, and this design does so splendidly. The mix of beautifully detailed fitted grass sod and accent lighting further the already breathtaking stone structures to add a bit of drama to the final look. The property epitomizes the form and function of hardscaping, providing a captivating seat to watch an equally captivating landscape.

2. Minerals and Gems

This design is appealing wherever you live, but Mainers may find it particularly appealing; especially if they are looking for a clever reminder of the pine tree state.

When Davis Landscape was tasked with a big project for the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum, it was paramount that the stones, minerals, and gems were sourced from Maine, a reminder of the state’s beautiful geological resources. This same strategy can also be applied to your home!

3. Healing Garden

While healing gardens are often associated with medical facilities, they are also useful for the home. Healing gardens come in different forms and this layout shows how a large private garden can be enhanced into a healing garden.

Here, the homeowner has created five outdoor areas and connected them with a series of walking path loops. The project consists of a large patio area, a focal aquatic garden, an outdoor kitchen, a pavilion, and a flexible lawn space. A strategically planted series of trees provide shade, and a cedar fence ensures privacy.

4. Backyard Oasis

Looking for a backyard oasis? Davis Landscape can transform your backyard into a beautiful entertainment area. The right hardscaping design can enhance any outdoor living space, whether it’s some straight forward stonework, or a beautiful swimming pool and hot tub!

In the photo above, the homeowner has enhanced their swimming pool by adding a raised patio with a hot tub, a brick paver pool deck, a beverage bar, a surround sound stereo system, and flower planters with a micro-drip irrigation. No doubt, a beautiful setup! But whether you’re looking for something more minimal, or something as extravagant as a beautiful in ground swimming pool, Davis Landscape can help get you moving in the right direction and bring your vision to reality.

Making Your Hardscaping Dream a Reality

We hope these hardscape designs provide a glimpse of the various ways hardscaping can enhance the look and use of your outdoor space. Make sure to check out our portfolio to see some of the many projects we’ve installed for customers.

Davis Landscape is a team of experts that’s been family-owned for nearly a half century, passed down from one generation to another since 1976. Our hardscaping team will help you design a look that is ideal for your home. For a free estimate on your hardscape service, contact us today!