outdoor patio with in ground pool

How to Choose the Perfect Patio Size for Your Backyard

outdoor patio with in ground pool

Determining the right patio size can be challenging but very worthwhile to get the most out of Maine’s incredible summers. As a homeowner, you’ll have multiple factors to consider when making your decision, including your yard’s size and the size of your outdoor patio furniture. When done right, a patio will enhance your ability to enjoy the outdoors; extending the usable space of your home and adding tremendous value to your property.

Our team of Maine landscape designers has over 45 years of experience creating beautiful patios designed to meet your needs. To help you choose the perfect patio size for your backyard, use our simple guide below.

Let’s get started!

Determine Your Patio’s Function

As your first step, you’ll want to decide how you intend to use your patio. Maybe you want the ideal grilling sanctuary, space for a pool, the perfect hosting patio for parties, or a relaxing haven where you can enjoy the outdoors. Whatever your needs, this first decision will help ensure that you get the best use out of your outdoor living space.

Measure Your Yard

When choosing the size of your patio, you’ll want to ensure that it makes sense for the size of your home and your yard. A small patio may be overshadowed by the size of your home. In contrast, an oversized patio may leave very little green space in your yard to enjoy. Measure the size of your yard to determine whether a small bistro-style patio would be ideal or if you have the space for a sprawling outdoor dining area.

Create Your Drafts

Start by making some simple preliminary sketches using the dimensions of your yard. You can even use lawn-safe chalk to outline your patio in your yard for a better visual. Mark the dining spot, the fire pit, the gathering zones, the grilling areas, and any other elements you’d like to include.

Make sure you leave ample space around objects or areas of activities to allow flow traffic. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want 25 square feet (2.32 square meters) for every person. Our tip for entertaining spaces is to go for a minimum of 550 square feet.

Keep the Furniture in Mind

Outdoor furniture is often much larger than your standard indoor furniture. If you’ve already purchased your outdoor pieces, you can place them in their intended spots during the planning stage to ensure that there’s ample space around them.

For example, you’ll want enough room to pull chairs out from your table with ease and to walk around them without guests bumping into each other. Additionally, you’ll need to leave space for any additional accessories like planters, pots, loungers, grills, water features, and more.

Get the Right Help for Patio Success!

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your beloved home. To ensure that your patio dreams become a reality, we highly recommend trusting the professionals who can provide the proper guidance every step of the way.

At Davis Landscape, we’ve been transforming backyards into beautiful outdoor living spaces since 1976. If you’re looking for a Maine landscape company to help design and create your perfect patio, contact our team for a free estimate.