maine winter landscaping

How to Winterize Your Garden and Landscaping in Maine

maine winter landscaping

The leaves are changing colors, which is a sign that it’s time for Maine residents to winterize their gardens and landscaping in preparation for the colder weather. With some extreme temperatures on the way, it’s crucial that you take the necessary steps to prepare your gardens, trees, and irrigation system so that they’re protected until the spring.

Today, we’ll be sharing some simple steps to help you winterize your garden and prepare your landscaping for the winter season.

Let’s get started.

Remove Any Diseased Plants

Inspect your garden and remove any diseased plants that you may have missed during the growing season. Also, be on the lookout for any fungi or pests that may be plaguing your plants. It’s best to completely discard these plants instead of letting them rot in the soil or your compost pile, as some of these diseases can return in the spring or spread before the first freeze.

Clear Your Garden of Weeds

Fall is the perfect time to remove those pesky weeds that have been growing in your garden all season. As the weather gets colder, your gardens aren’t as lush and abundant, making the weeds easier to spot. Water the soil beforehand to make removing them even easier. Clearing your garden of weeds today will give your garden a fresh start next spring.

Nourish and Mulch Your Gardens

Now is also a great time to feed your soil! A late fall fertilizer or nutrient-rich compost will nourish your soil throughout the winter in preparation for spring. Then, add fresh mulch to prevent weed growth, soil erosion, and extra plant protection throughout the winter.

Perform a Winter Shutdown of Your Irrigation System

It’s important to winterize your irrigation system in order for it to come back on in the spring without any issues. Take the time to drain all of your hoses to ensure they don’t crack or burst during freezing temperatures.

If you have an underground sprinkler system, make sure that it’s turned off and completely drained before the first freeze. To ensure that your winter shut down is done properly, consider using Davis Landscape Company for professional and reliable irrigation services.

Protect and Trim Your Trees

Protecting trees from the winter weather is essential, particularly if you have evergreen or deciduous trees. Wrap them in a breathable material to protect them from the cold, avoid trapping moisture, and prevent fungi diseases from growing.

Trim any branches that may be hanging too low over your roof or are brushing up against the side of your house. Heavy branches can be a hazard during a storm and can cause damage to your roof, home, and property.

Protect Your Investment

Landscaping is an investment, so follow these tips to protect your hard work during the harsh Maine winters.

If you’re looking for guidance, our team at Davis Landscape Company would be delighted to provide you with a scope of suggested winter maintenance for your home gardens and lawn care.

If you’d prefer a more hand’s off approach, entrust Davis with your garden winterization and landscaping needs before the winter weather hits. Contact us today for a free estimate.