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How to Start Up Your Irrigation System in the Spring

close up of irrigation sprinkler in yardThe professionals at Davis Landscape Company would like to share some tips with you on how to get your irrigation system ready for spring. Your lawn is probably looking a little thirsty after a lengthy Maine winter, and your irrigation system is going to require some careful attention before it’s ready to perform all summer long.

Our guide will explain how to prepare your sprinkler system for the spring, including an overview of what components you’ll need to check and what tasks should be performed to ensure optimal performance.

So let’s get started!

Verify That the Ground Has Thawed

If the ground is still partially frozen, you risk damaging your irrigation pipes when you turn on the water. To check if the ground has thawed, stick a metal rod into the ground in several places around your property at the same depth as your irrigation pipes. If the rod can be inserted easily and without resistance, then the ground has thawed, and you can proceed with irrigation start-up.

Check Your Control Panel

The control panel is the “brain” of your irrigation system, and it needs to be in optimal working order before you turn on the water. Check that all the wires are securely connected and that there are no loose components or exposed wires.

Verify that the dates, times, and zones are all correctly set. Finally, ensure that the batteries in the backup power supply are fresh and operational for the start of the season.

Inspect Your Sprinkler Heads

After a long winter, it’s not uncommon for irrigation heads to become clogged with debris or for the nozzles to become misaligned. To clean your sprinkler heads, remove them from their mounts and soak them in a bucket of soapy water. Use a soft brush to dislodge any accumulated dirt or debris, and then rinse them with clean water.

If any of the heads are damaged, you’ll need to replace them before starting your system. Proceed to the next step and flush out any debris from the pipes before reattaching the sprinkler heads.

Turn on the Water Supply

Begin by very slowly opening the main valve that controls water flow to your irrigation system. As the water begins to flow, keep an eye out for any leaks. If everything looks good and the water is running clear, attach your sprinkler heads and increase the water flow to normal operating levels.

Monitor Your System Carefully

During the start-up process or anytime you’re making changes to your irrigation system, it’s important to closely monitor the system for any leaks.

If you notice any problems with your system, shut off the water and make the necessary repairs before proceeding or contact a professional irrigation company for assistance.

Enjoy Your Lawn!

Now that you know how to start up your irrigation system in the spring, you can rest assured that your lawn will stay hydrated all season long.

If you’d prefer to leave your sprinkler system to the professionals, Davis Landscape Company offers a spring irrigation start-up service. We’ll come to your property, inspect your irrigation system, and get it primed for the season. 

Give us a call us at 207-353-4848, or email us directly at to get started.