maine landscape design

Maine Landscape Design

Your landscape is a living canvas just waiting for your creative touch. However, designing your landscape should include a well-structured plan. Let’s look at the factors that go into your Maine landscape design and how Davis Landscape can help you make your dream a reality.

maine landscape design

Planning is Everything

Our designers will help you plan your Maine landscape design. We can save you money by devising and implementing a plan that takes into account challenges such as utilities, water, and permanent structures.

Davis Landscape’s designers are committed to implementing a design that is custom-made for your landscape and your vision.

Creating a landscape is about more than finding aesthetically pleasing plants and shrubs, it is about crafting a design that incorporates beauty and functionality and is also environmentally sound.

As any Mainer knows, our weather presents unique challenges which means that landscape design should work around the environment. What works in one state may not work in Maine.

Surveying Your Property

You may have a land survey that informs you where your property begins and ends. If you haven’t you’ll want to get one before you do any work. Your wallet and your neighbors will thank you.

Examine Your Property

Once you’ve reviewed your survey, it’s time to break down the various factors that will affect your current and future landscape. Our team will help you with these steps, which can be overlooked by homeowners and result in expensive headaches down the road.

There are many factors that play a role in your current landscape and the designs you want to implement. As mentioned earlier, Maine landscape design is different than landscape design in other states. Here are some factors our team can help you with:

Soil analysis

What is the type of soil on your property and what vegetation can it sustain?

Your solar situation

What areas of your property get more sunlight than others? Likewise, what areas may get more shade than others? How do these patterns change over the course of the year?

Water drainage

Do you have any current drainage problems? You’ll want to make sure your landscape is designed for Maine’s changes in weather whether they are mild changes or severe storms.

Current vegetation

What is your current vegetation? If you plan on replacing it or removing it, you’ll want to know how it could affect drainage or the viability of other vegetation.

Traffic patterns

Who will be walking on your landscape and how often? Whether it’s a question of kids, animals, or X factors like wildlife, we can help you design a landscape that holds up to whatever traffic you deal with or might expect in the future.

An Eye Towards the Future

Any Maine landscape design should include an eye toward the future. Just like nature itself, your landscape design is not static and you may wish to add to it over time. Our team works closely with you to ensure that you can add to your landscape design based on your wishes and your budget.

Whether you have solid plans on how to transform your landscape or you’re looking for help, Davis Landscape is here. Contact us for more information about using softscape and hardscape features to add functionality, form, and value to your property.