This series of photographs from fall 2018, though not shown in chronological order, depict the demolition and subsequent reconstruction of a Mega Block retaining wall located in Damariscotta, Maine. These images help to illustrate the breadth of work and attention to detail that was required by the crew. This was primarily the work of Leo Demers, Brian Pulk, Kevin Desjardins, and Bob Tanguay, with the help of some super-sized heavy equipment. The original retaining wall was showing signs of catastrophic failure; and a portion of the wall was carefully removed. There were several important factors that needed to be managed simultaneously during the construction. Hardscape Manager, Gary Booker helped the crew devise a process to connect the remaining portion of the original wall with the new replacement retaining wall structure. Traffic control was also a constant challenge. However, the most important aspect of the construction process was the site hydrology and the implementation of both surface and subsurface drainage interventions. This retaining wall was designed and engineered to stand the test of time- a real team effort.