flowers blooming in maine spring landscaping

How to Prepare Your Landscaping for Spring: 5 Steps to a Beautiful Yard

flowers blooming in maine spring landscaping

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the trees are starting to blossom. That can only mean one thing: spring is here! As the seasons change, it’s important to prepare your landscaping for the new season.

To help you prepare, we’ve shared our 5 spring tips for preparing your landscaping for Spring.

5 Spring Landscaping Tips for a Beautiful Yard

Prune Your Trees and Shrubs

Pruning encourages healthy growth, increases flower and fruit production, and improves the overall health of your shrubs and trees. It also helps to shape the plant, giving it a more attractive appearance.

Taking care of this task in the spring, while most of your plants are still dormant, helps to minimize the stress on your plants. To prune correctly, you will need to identify the dead, diseased, or damaged branches and trim them back to a healthy bud. This is also your opportunity to control the shape and size of your trees by pruning away any unwanted growth.

Tidy Your Yard

An important part of your spring lawn care routine is to clean up your yard. Rake up any leaves or debris that have accumulated over the winter months, as they can get caught in your lawnmower and prevent your lawn fertilizer from getting to the roots of your grass.

If you have any dead plants, now is the time to remove them and add them to your compost pile. Give your lawn a good mowing and edge along the sidewalks and driveway. You may also want to consider pressure washing your deck or patio.

Prepare Your Garden Beds

After your yard is tidy, you can start to prepare your garden beds for landscape planting. If you didn’t get a chance to do it in the fall, now is the time to add a layer of compost to your beds. This will help improve drainage and increase the nutrient content of your soil.

Now is also the time to lay down a nice 1-inch thick layer of mulch. This will help keep your soil moist and keep your plant roots cool throughout the summer.

Inspect Your Irrigation System

If you have an irrigation system, early spring is the time to inspect it for any damage that may have occurred during winter. Check each of your sprinkler heads to make sure they’re in good working order and not obstructed by any debris.

You’ll also want to check your irrigation system for leaks. If you have a landscaping team, they can take care of your spring startup to ensure your irrigation system operates at peak performance.

Plan Your Landscaping Projects

Finally, take some time to plan your landscaping projects for the spring and summer. If you want to add any new plants, flowers, shrubs, or trees, now is the time to start mapping your desired landscape planting.

If you have any big projects planned, such as a new patio, landscape lighting, or a new landscape design, start to gather estimates and put together a budget. Spring is the perfect time to make your landscaping dreams a reality!

By following these simple spring lawn care tips, you can have a beautiful yard that is the envy of your neighborhood. If you’re in the Maine area and need help getting your yard ready for spring, contact our team at Davis Landscape Company today!